Monday, November 15, 2010

breathing easy

A very interesting weekend. Managed to meet a Quaker visiting the Island and so nice to discuss issues like the inner light and emotional growth in the context of Quakerism. Raised a Catholic, the amazing thing for me is trying to see the world from a more emotional perspective and to be less distant from myself ... it is so amazing to realise, at my age, just how distant I can be on the inside from myself and I feel an amazing opportunity for self discovery ... how silly people are when they state that they do not believe in God or anything when we do not even fully realise the mystery within us, this small frame of blood and bones, let alone the whole of creation. After, a lovely lunch with a dear friend, tea and scones, and again, another chance to marvel at the beauty of life in just talking to people, partner and friends and to embrace how wonderful the human spirit can be ... and now with Sis arriving and graduation on Friday ... I believe I am waking from my post-PhD break and am ready to engage with the world again ... mad but honest and thats the best I can do.

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  1. As always Mark this is very interesting and enlightening. You deserve all this, and from here let me congratulate you once again on this great event which will be taking place just tomorrow now. You made it !!!!

    What you said about spirituality and the meaning of life is so true, we should spend time in quiet and silence getting in touch with the mystery inside as well outside us. We are surrounded by beauty, by miracles, by love and most of all by God !! We just need to have our eyes and ears open ..............

    Well done