Friday, December 3, 2010

Graduating high

Such an enjoyable day and so great to see the undergraduates getting their certificates and graduating. Such a nice group and such fun. It was lovely to be there and to share in their joy. I felt quite emotional seeing all of them recieve their just rewards for so much hard work and I wish them all nothing but the greatest luck in life and much success. This is such a fine job to have, not just for the joy of always learning new things and things which interest me but the joy of working with such great young people with such energy and promise. There is no finer job. Seeing those former students take to the stage I was thinking we really must have a better organised graduation in the future so that we have some type of get together, drinks and the like because they deserve no less after all that hard work. Great students and I wish them all great luck.

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  1. What you have said is absolutely true. This is indeed a special day in their lives and so it should be centred around them ... the staff that taught them should be there for them and as you suggested enjoy this event with them. Well done DR Mark